matthew-owensHello. My name is Matthew Owens. I usually go by Matt. I have worked in the insurance industry for the past 9 years now, specializing in life and health insurance. I was first and insurance underwriter and then moved into insurance sales. Having worked in both positions, I believe has given me some unique insight into the insurance industry.

On this site I hope to share some of that insight and help to answer common insurance questions, specifically about life and health insurance. I know there is a lot of false information flying around out there about both, and sometimes it can be extremely confusing for a consumer to make sense of it all. Hopefully, if you found this site, I can help to answer some of your questions and concerns.

Along with the information I will be posting, I am always happy to answer more specific questions. If you have one, leave it in one of the comment sections or feel free to email me.